Flawless Wedding Day Beauty

We know how exciting planning a wedding can be and how important it is to perfect every last detail. After countless years of making brides feel beautiful, we have summed up our top tips that are sure to ensure that you have flawless wedding day beauty.

Ladies, let's get in formation

Ask your bridal party to be on time. Have a friend that is chronically late? There is no shame in pushing her "start time" a little earlier. Wedding day time moves fast so be sure to start promptly at the time listed on your bridal beauty agreement. Although we always hope that things run smoothly, allotting "buffer time" is a great way to avoid additional stress

Budget time for last minute love

Allot enough time for last minute touch ups. This is where eyelash adjustments can be addressed, lips are freshened up, shine mattified, curls are revived, and any small tweaks or changes can be applied.

Flexibility is key

Although we love a thourough planner, when it comes to a pre determined beauty schedule, expect changes. Every attendee is different and that can effect their allotted service time. Focus on keeping the chair full at all times to avoid delays.

Lasting Lips

You want your lips to look as fresh as possible when the photographer arrives. Bring your own touch-up lipstick, take smaller bites while eating, consider a lip stain for added longevity and brush your teeth prior to application.

The last man standing

No need for your bridal party to fight for the final glam spot. Your artists and stylists are using professional quality products so you can rock that glam until the midnight hours (at least).

This is a tough one...

Brides, once you have started glam we recommend that you hand off your phone to a trusted friend or family member. We want you to feel beautiful and relaxed. Calls and texts may interrupt your service and can cut into your beautifying time.

You know this but a little reminder never hurt

It is advised that everyone wear button ups or low neckline shirts while getting ready. This will ensure that your hairstyles aren’t roughed up by collars and provides easy removal when changing to save your hair and makeup!

Groom those brows but…

It is best to wax brows a week prior to the wedding. Waxing removes layers of skin around the brow which can make makeup application challenging. Allowing your skin time to heal will reduce redness and create a more even texture that wont repel makeup. .

Golden glow

We cannot stress this enough, do your research! Give it a few trials before the wedding so you can find the right color, product, person and the best time to spray beforehand. Ask your makeup artist how she or he feels about any self tanner solution on the face.

Our goal is to make planning and executing your glamour needs for the big day, and all of the celebrations leading up to it, stress-free, detailed and most importantly, beautiful. We hope this helps!

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