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More Than “Surviving” That Time of The Month

We all dread that time of the month… the heating pads, the cramps, and all the glory that comes along with your period. Oh the joys of womanhood (*cue eye roll). But who says we have to let it ruin our week and make us feel less than lady like? Let us show you how to handle your flow like a boss with a few of our hacks!


We get it… you want to lay in bed all day in your sweatpants. Trust me, we feel you, but you CAN resist the urge and pull yourself together. Toss aside your sweatpants and opt for a cute outfit that will make you feel good about yourself. Never looked better, never felt better (with a little help from Midol of course). If you’re feeling extra spicy, throw on something red as an ode to Aunt Flo.


Taking a long hot bath is so underrated. Grab your favorite bath bomb or some epsom salt, light a few candles, and treat yourself like the queen that you are. Your body is working hard, and you deserve a nice warm self care moment. Don’t forget the bubbles.


That’s right, we said it. Eat the chocolate. Nobody is judging, and you know you want to! Let’s be real. There’s nothing better than a chocolatey indulgence when you need it most. Ditch the guilt and have whatever your heart desires. Period.


Get that blood pumping girl! No pun intended. While working out may sound like the absolute last thing you feel like doing, getting your endorphins going will actually help you feel better. Your body will thank you for it later, and it’ll even help to improve your mood amidst the hormones.

The female body, while chaotic at times, is absolutely magical. Embrace the flow, and let your cycle remind you every month that you are a goddess.




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