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Keepin' Summer Skin Sexy

Why does the sun feel so good but hurt so bad? How to CONSUME sun the right way -


Bust out the sunscreen babes, it’s Melanoma Awareness Month, and your skin is our top priority! Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer, and the 5th most common cancer among both ladies and gents. We want to help keep your skin safe from the sun as we are approaching warmer months, so our pros are sharing tips to make sure your skin stays happy & healthy!

Keep Your Sunscreen On Deck :

Block those harmful rays with your favorite SPF! Here are some of our go-to sunscreens that will keep your skin looking fresh all summer long:

- Elta MD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46

- For our sensitive babes, this dermatologist fave will keep you covered without breaking you out. Oil & fragrance free, smoothing, and ultra-hydrating.

- Supergoop Glow Screen SPF 40

- Perfect, pearly, and thirst quenching! This one’s for you if want an instant summer glow that keeps you soft and supple.

- Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 100+

- Spray it and slay it with an epic J-Lo glow! This red carpet secret from celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes makes your skin glisten with the strongest shield from the sun.

Kiss The Tanning Beds Goodbye :

Kick those beds & booths to the side! While indoor tanning may seem like a safer option, it actually speeds up melanoma by 20% and ages you faster. If you want to keep aging backwards, sunless tanners are your BFF! Here are our top picks to give you a bronzed healthy glow the safe way this summer:

- Spray Tans with On The Glow

- We know you love to glam on the go, but you can tan on the go too! Check out On The Glow Tans (if you are located in DFW) for the perfect airbrush tan that comes to you.

- St Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse

- An iconic self-tanner that’s worth the brag! This easy at-home tan is quick drying, and will leave you streak free with a natural bronze.

- Loving Tan 2 Hour Express Deluxe Bronzing Mousse

- Loving Tan is a cult fave for a reason! It’ll give you a dreamy olive tan within minutes that doesn’t transfer, and has a seriously delicious scent.

Avoid The Mid-Day Sun :

Did you know the UV sun rays are stronger during the peak of the day? 10am-4pm is the sweet spot where the sun rays are the most powerful. Kick back and relax in the shade, or carry an outfit coordinating umbrella with you. You can avoid those dangerous levels of UV exposure, all while keeping it cute!

Cover Up In Style :

Grab your shades and sun hats... we’re going to the beach! Your accessories are not only the perfect addition to your summer style, but they will also protect that precious skin of yours. Throw on your cover up, toss in an oversized scrunchie from Know By Hart for the perfect summer pony, and hit the beach babe!

No matter how you decide to have fun in the sun, don’t sacrifice the safety of your skin. After all, your perfect summer glam sesh starts with a gorgeous glowing base!


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