“Am I Even Doing This Right?” - Every Mom

There’s no doubt that women are superheroes, especially those of us who are busy moms.

Over the years, we’ve traded in our aprons for sleek blazers and heels to become the girl bosses we’ve always dreamed of. But with all of this extra girl power we’re sporting these days, many of us find ourselves struggling to find balance. As women, we know we can do it all, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be challenging sometimes. It is crucial for our well being to utilize our resources and normalize asking for help when we need it. Today, we are opening up this important conversation with Erica Thomason, wellness coach, educator, and founder of The Dynamic Child, to help us navigate the world of motherhood.


Tell us about you


I am a wife to my husband of 7 years and mom to our 2 year old son. We own a company called The Dynamic Child together, which we developed in response to identifying a need in the community. We previously worked with children in a wellness education company and realized that a piece of the education puzzle was missing. Kids are not getting the skills for developing their emotional intelligence. They were getting a lot of skills to develop their intellect but weren’t thriving because they were missing their confidence and ability to relate to themselves and to others. I began researching social emotional intelligence and ways to facilitate it, and in the process went back to graduate school. Throughout my experience in graduate school, I was able to develop The Dynamic Child, which began in 2017. I created it because it’s what I needed as a child. My younger sister had learning needs growing up, and I was labeled as gifted and talented, so there was a lot of comparison happening in my family. That was really painful for my sister and that experience impacted me greatly. I’ve always worked with families and children to help them communicate and develop optimally together. Emotional wellness has always been very intriguing to me. That’s how The Dynamic Child was born, and we’ve been in business for the past 4 years. I see myself as a translator and an advocate for children. I love being able to help parents see through the lens of their children.