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Safety On & Off Campus

School is back in session, and the crisp smell of fresh school supplies is in the air.

We’re all about beauty, but what’s beauty without brains? If you’re a college

student, by now you’ve got your nose deep in your books and you’re focused on

striving for that 4.0 GPA. While you’re juggling school work and a social life on

campus, it’s easy to forget about your safety and get caught up in the euphoria of a

new school year. There are so many simple ways to stay alert and protect yourself

while still making the most out of your college experience.

Let’s break down the facts. The most common crimes committed on college

campuses are burglaries, sex offenses, and physical assaults. The top safety

concerns among students are typically excessive drinking and walking alone. We’ve

compiled some great resources to help you either prevent these safety issues, or

have the proper protection if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.


Noonlight is an amazing safety app that you can download directly to your mobile

device. Since many college students are afraid of walking alone, this is a great

resource to have. Simply hold down the button on the screen the entire time you

are walking from point A to B, and the app will take care of the rest! Once you’re

safe, you can release your finger from the button and enter your pin to let

Noonlight know you’re safe. If you’re in danger, simply don’t enter your pin, and

Noonlight will alert local police with your exact location and details of your

emergency. You can even connect with friends on the app and add events to your

timeline to help track your safety.

Personal Protective Equipment

Call us old school, but who doesn’t feel safer carrying something to help you

defend yourself if you find yourself in a dangerous situation? A simple pepper spray

on your keychain, or a taser in your backpack can make all the difference when

trying to escape an attack. A little pepper spray in the eyes or a zap from a taser

may not last forever, but it’ll last long enough for you to high tail it out of there to


The Angel Shot

Bar hopping with your friends got a little out of hand, and you’re suddenly feeling

unsafe? Ask your bartender for an angel shot. The angel shot has quickly become a

popular code word among bar and restaurant staff, and it’s a discreet way to let

someone know that you’re feeling uncomfortable. There are a few ways you can

order an angel shot. Order an angel shot neat, and your bartender will escort you

to your car. Order it on the rocks, and your bartender will call a taxi or an Uber to

get you home safely. Order it with lime, and the staff will call the police. The angel

shot was inspired by a safety movement in London where women would “Ask for

Angela” to signal an unsafe situation during a date.

Invisawear Smart Jewelry

You know we love a fashion moment! Invisawear is the perfect discreet safety

device to wear around campus that’s disguised as an everyday accessory. All you

have to do is double-click the button hidden on the back side of your device, and

Invisawear will immediately text up to five people a link to your GPS location and

let them know that you need help. You can also enable the 911 feature free of

charge to connect with a 9-11 dispatcher. They’re trendy, they’re discreet, and

they’ll keep you out of harm’s way!

On-Campus Safety Measures

Most schools have built in safety measures, and it’s important to know your

resources! Many different college campuses have on-campus police and/or security

that are there to help you at all times. You can also find emergency call boxes

around most campuses that will alert an officer if you need assistance. Don’t

hesitate to have security walk you to your car or back to your dorm room at night if

you’re feeling nervous or unsafe.

MOST IMPORTANTLY (and we can’t stress this enough) - Remember to always be

aware of your surroundings. If you suspect you are in danger, communicate it with

someone immediately. Our intuitions are one of our best assets, don’t ignore her.


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